image Agreement Leads to Infinite Possibilities

Multi-band Electro-optical Defence Software Commercially Available

Consilium Technology is pleased to announce the commercial release of Infinite Studio, a cutting-edge software technology for real-time, radiometrically credible simulation of imagery across the visible and infra-red spectrum. Infinite Studio is built upon Unreal Engine and DST Group’s VIRSuite radiometric modelling technology, which has been designed to support a broad range of simulation environments, including maritime, air, land and littoral. Over ten years of Defence research and development (R&D) underpin this unique capability, bringing advanced scene generation to researchers through the power of affordable desktop computing and modern gaming engines.

Infinite Studio excels at:

  • Physics-based real-time and multi-band scene generation, ranging from visible to long-wave infrared
  • Cutting-edge graphics with best-of-breed creation tools, leveraging the latest in modern gaming software and desktop computing hardware
  • Flexibility and integration with third-party virtual and constructive simulation environments

It is suitable for a wide range of virtual, constructive and hardware-in-the-loop simulation activities including:

  • R&D of future imaging technologies
  • Test and Evaluation of imaging hardware and software system
  • Image processing algorithm development
  • Visually based training tasks in detection, recognition, and tracking
  • Mission spaces covering all environmental domains, i.e.:
    • Air scenarios involving aircraft, countermeasures, and backgrounds
    • Land scenarios providing a wide variety of targets in composite terrain environments
    • Maritime scenarios incorporating ships, boats, ocean waves and littoral backgrounds