Infinite Studio’s core components provide a range of functionality that harnesses and extends the power of Unreal Engine.

Infinite Studio is built on Unreal Engine 4 – with a modified core and a suite of plugins to cater for a myriad of applications.

Unreal Engine
Infinite Studio Radiometry plugin icon


Multi-spectral Rendering

Built on VIRSuite technology from Defence Science and Technology, Radiometry enables real-time spectral band visualisation with consumer-grade hardware. Atmospherics and emissions are driven by proven data sources.

  • Spectrally based materials, emissions, atmospherics & lights
  • Sensor effects modelling
  • Lens modelling
  • Camera processors
  • Custom user image processing algorithm support
  • Record imagery for offline analysis
Modtran and VIRSuite
Infinite Studio Ocean plugin icon


Command from Coast to Coast

Our state-of-the-art Fast Fourier Transform ocean model is built on real-world physics. Modify ocean surfaces in real-time with wind, fetch length, ocean depth and other inputs. The plugin also features a buoyancy model for realistic boat dynamics.

  • Customisable wave spectrum distribution
  • Infinite ocean plane
  • Mesh based buoyancy modelling
Infinite Studio External Control plugin icon

External Control

Infinite Integration Possibilities

Proven in virtual and constructive simulation environments, External Control connects Infinite Studio to your third-party simulation environment. Spawn and control platforms, and render scenes for image processing via TCP/IP.

  • C++, Python, Matlab & Simulink API
  • Simulation control (begin, end, propagate)
  • Open levels
  • Spawn, move & destroy assets
  • Query available assets (by path, type, etc)
  • Support for custom message types
Matlab and Simulink
Infinite Studio Drive plugin icon


Credible Vehicle Motion

Our Drive plugin provides quick, easy-to-implement wheeled & tracked vehicle templates, including drive train sequence components. Whether you need a gunner and a driver, or any other practical application, Drive has networked driving scenarios covered.

  • Engine generates power and outputs torque
  • Clutch allows the transfer of power via high friction contact plates
  • Gearbox handles increasing downstream torque at the expense of angular velocity
  • Differential splits power from a single source component and applies it to multiple downstream components
  • Track Transmission converts torque to an output force to drive a vehicle (such as a wheel or tank track sprocket)

& Much More

Infinite Studio Scripting plugin icon


Take advantage of rapid iteration and Monte Carlo Simulations with Infinite Scripting.

Infinite Studio Scenario plugin icon


Create scenarios, host and join network sessions, and demo third-party interfaces.

Infinite Studio Weapon plugin icon


Add weapons and ammunition to scenes quickly and easily with our template library.

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