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New Release – Infinite Studio 3.10.1

What’s New This release contains general bug fixes and some improvements to camera visualisation and LADAR detection. Important Bug Fixes Fixed packaging bug resulting in black materials for thermal modelling landscapes Fixed exporting of MODTRAN atmospheric data to have unique path for all layers Fixed camera look-at tracking being reset to initial state when runtime…

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New Release – Infinite Studio 3.10.0

What’s New This release contains a number of new features, improvements and general bug fixes. Upgraded engine to 4.26 Separated the camera processing passes for computing photons, electrons, & counts Added support for long range, narrow FOV cloud modelling Improved LADAR model New SpecLaserSpotLight (deprecated old SpecLaser) Added new FITS image writer External control improvements…

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New Release – Infinite Studio 3.9.1

Thermal Modelling Improvements and Resolving Important Bugs This patch release contains a number of bugfixes and improvements particularly to the Thermal Modelling feature. Additionally some previous functionality of allowing Per Channel adjustments to particular camera properties has been added back. Important Bugfixes Resolved Spec Writer file limit and performance issuesFixed atmosphere crash on first runAdded high-performance atmosphere…

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New Release – Infinite Studio 3.9.0

New Clouds, Thermal Modelling, Moon, and Drive Train This release contains a number of new features, improvements and general bug fixes. Updated Atmospheric Modelling The Atmosphere Model has been updated to support clouds: New cloud, wind & lunar configurations have been added. New aerosol layers have been added; boundary, tropospheric & stratospheric. As the Atmosphere Model has been completely…

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New Release – Infinite Studio 3.8.0 (UE 4.24.3)

This release contains a number of new features, improvements and general bug fixes. The base engine version was upgraded to 4.24.3 which brings with it a number of significant engine improvements and bug fixes. New & Improved Camera Modelling The Camera Model has been refactored with the following significant improvements: New and improved camera rendering…

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Content Update – New Models

Infinite Studio Game Artist and Animation Developer has designed and created many new models. Raechel Martin is our talented Game Art and Animation Developer, and since joining Consilium she has made some awesome models for us and our clients.  She has flexed her design muscles to create everything from planes, to tanks, to ships, to trees!…

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Development Update – Engine Upgrade and Major Code Refactoring

Infinite Studio team have implemented a plethora of updates in preparation for the 3.8.0 release. Engine Upgrade With the next release of Infinite Studio, the engine will be upgraded to Unreal Engine 4.24. This update includes some exciting improvements to Ray Tracing which will further enhance our particle systems. For a full breakdown of what that…

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Development Update – 2019 Review

The Infinite team have been very busy over the last many months, and the amount of work coming our way is not slowing down. The team has been continually working on the core Infinite Engine features and doing awesome! A huge thank you to the whole team for their efforts this year; Brian Du, Chad…

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Development Update – Spectral Materials in Niagara

Infinite now Utilising the Niagara Particle System The past few months we’ve been busy creating new things with the powerful Niagara Particle system. We’ve been adding plumes and smoke for both aircraft and ships, along with some vertically launched countermeasures. The final results look really impressive in action. Aircraft Plumes Aircraft plumes are easily addable…

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Happy Birthday Infinite Studio

One year ago, Consilium Technology announced the commercial release of Infinite Studio — cutting-edge software for real-time radiometrically credible simulation of imagery, across the visible and infra-red spectrum. Since the launch of Infinite Studio by the Minister of Defence at SCINDICATE 2018, our team has continued to improve the quality of existing capabilities, as well as expand to…

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