Multispectral Rendering in Unreal Engine

Infinite Studio supports research, development, simulation, and analysis of electro-optical and infrared systems across a variety of complex environments. It builds on over ten years of research and development that underpins its predecessor, VIRSuite.

Real-Time Performance

Infinite Studio offers real-time performance and provides a user-friendly highly customisable development environment for building realistic scenes. Benefits include cutting-edge visuals and graphics, best-of-breed creation tools, real-time rendering, particle system customisation, Unreal Engine 4 ecosystem access, and high-level graphics processing unit (GPU) performance.

Highly Extensible

We provide the customisation and experimental control required to conduct sophisticated multispectral research and development. This flexibility extends beyond creating realistic simulations at the surface-level, to also capturing radiometrically credible parameters at the technical level. For this reason, Infinite Studio is suitable for both human-in-the-loop experimentation and hardware-in-the-loop testing.

Infinite Studio can also be integrated with existing simulation systems to supplement and enhance current capability. In order to support specific interactions and requirements, Unreal Engine plugins can be built to run in conjunction with Infinite Studio, or controlled externally via a network interface.

Infinite Potential

Infinite Studio can be used to support dynamic modelling and simulations across a range of complex scenarios, including:

  • Spectrally-based sensor modelling, ranging from visible to long-wave IR
  • Air, Land and Maritime environment visualisations
  • Large scale image generation for Machine Learning applications
  • Support for dynamic views and multiple viewpoints