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Development Update – Atmospherics

Infinite Studio’s updated atmospheric model looks incredible.

The latest improvements to Infinite Studio’s atmospheric modelling are truly breathtaking. I’ll go into some more of the details below, but first I’ll just let the following screenshots do some of the talking for me.

The improvements are:

  • Increased samples for azumith and elevation. This is especially important for capturing the complexity of the atmospheric profile at sunrise and sunset.
  • Improved blending for smoother details especially at the horizon.
  • Customisable quality levels from Preview to Production so that it is easier to quickly check MODTRAN settings before producing the final atmosphere object.
  • Improved atmosphere generation time – A Production quality atmosphere can now be generated in as little as 20 minutes.
  • Cached atmospheric data by altitude so that additional observer altitudes may be added later without having to regenerate the entire atmosphere data.
  • MODTRAN atmosphere cache now editor only to improve level loading times and packaged file sizes.

We are constantly working towards making improvements in our atmospherics as well as all of our other features. Keep an eye out for more of these Development Updates as we continue to add new features and assets to Infinite Studio!