New Release – Infinite Studio 3.8.0 (UE 4.24.3)

New Release – Infinite Studio 3.8.0 (UE 4.24.3)

August 5, 2020 1:19 pm

This release contains a number of new features, improvements and general bug fixes.

The base engine version was upgraded to 4.24.3 which brings with it a number of significant engine improvements and bug fixes.

New & Improved Camera Modelling

The Camera Model has been refactored with the following significant improvements:

  • New and improved camera rendering pipeline from lens distortions to noise effects and conversion from radiance to photons, electrons, and digital counts.
  • Camera noise effects include; Dark Shot Noise, Read Noise, Photon Shot Noise & Quantum Efficiency Variation.
  • Can now render two or more images simultaneously even if they are in different bands (i.e. Visible and MWIR can be rendered at the same time).
  • To make it easier to configure cameras, new camera presets have been added for Filmback Settings, Lens Settings & Sensor Response Settings.
  • Note that the old Camera Objects remain, but have been marked as deprecated, they will be removed in the next release.
  • For full details refer to new Camera Objects; Spec Camera Actor, Spec Camera Capture Actor, Spec Camera Projector Actor & Spec Lidar Capture Actor.

Improved Atmospheric Modelling

The Atmospheric Model has been upgraded with the following improvements:

  • MODTRAN has been upgraded to 6.0.2r1.
  • Memory issues have been resolved when generating new atmospheres.
  • Improved atmospheric transmission for close ranges, down to 1 meter (note: this requires a regeneration of Spec Atmosphere Modtran assets).
  • Smoother interpolation of atmospheric effects (note: this requires a regeneration of Spec Atmosphere In-Band assets).

Improved Ocean & Buoyancy Modelling

The Ocean & Buoyancy Models have a number of improvements:

  • Shader code has been improved, increasing performance.
  • New c++ Infinite Ocean has been added (the old ocean blueprint has been deprecated).
  • New option for transparent ocean.
  • A new OceanFX module has been added with a high performance (low fidelity) wake system, whereby all moving ships will display a foam trail (but no ocean displacements will occur). The feature allows a large number of ship models to produce wakes while still maintaining a high frame-rate.

Revamped Weapons Modelling

The Weapon module has been re-written, now with weapon pawn (launcher) & components for spawn-able projectiles, rockets & audio visual effects. Users can extend the base components to create their own custom weapon implementations.

Important highlights from this release

  1. Upgraded engine to 4.24
  2. New & improved camera model
  3. Upgraded MODTRAN to 6.0.2r1
  4. Fixed MODTRAN memory issues when generating atmospheres
  5. Atmosphere model improved at close range
  6. New & improved c++ ocean (old blueprint ocean deprecated)
  7. Improved ocean & buoyancy shaders
  8. Revamped weapons module
  9. New LADAR & point cloud writer

Stay tuned for some sneak peeks of our new cloudy world…

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