image New Release – Infinite Studio 3.8.0 (UE 4.24.3) image New Release – Infinite Studio 3.9.1

New Release – Infinite Studio 3.9.0

New Clouds, Thermal Modelling, Moon, and Drive Train

This release contains a number of new features, improvements and general bug fixes.

Updated Atmospheric Modelling

The Atmosphere Model has been updated to support clouds:

  • New cloud, wind & lunar configurations have been added.
  • New aerosol layers have been added; boundary, tropospheric & stratospheric.

As the Atmosphere Model has been completely revamped any old atmosphere objects will need to be regenerated (see How to Create an Atmosphere in our User Guide).

New Environmental Modelling

New cloud, wind and lunar models have been integrated into the atmosphere.

Cloud model:

  • Clouds weather & coverage maps.
  • Include lighting, shadows and reflection properties.
  • Generated from underlying MODTRAN data.

A screengrab of the Cloud Coverage being manipulated in the Infinite Studio editor.

Updated Wind system:

  • Configurable constant and altitude varying wind models (wind speed & direction).
  • Impacts clouds, ocean (affects wave height) and other engine effects (e.g. smoke, plumes, etc.).

A snippet of Spec Wind Altitude Model settings
A snippet of Spec Wind Constant Model settings

Lunar model:

  • Lunar radiant light source using MODTRAN data.
  • Lunar phases included.
  • Representative lunar mesh & texture.

A screenshot of the Spec Moon Light Actor in Infinite Studio

New Thermal Modelling (experimental)

A new experimental feature for the generation of thermal temperature maps for static mesh and landscape objects.

The new Spec Thermal Model Actor computes static mesh and landscape temperatures, using given spec material properties, updating the material expressions so they produce the correct emission.

An image of the Thermal Modelling Demo Landscape in Infinite Studio

An image of the Thermal Modelling Demo Landscape in Infinite Studio after the Thermal Model has been calculated for the scene.

New Vehicle Modelling

A new Drive Train Controller Component has been created including new Drive Train Assets.

The old Drive Wheeled Vehicle has been marked deprecated, but it still exists within the engine for this release.