image Development Update – Engine Upgrade and Major Code Refactoring image New Release – Infinite Studio 3.8.0 (UE 4.24.3)

Content Update – New Models

Infinite Studio Game Artist and Animation Developer has designed and created many new models.

Raechel Martin is our talented Game Art and Animation Developer, and since joining Consilium she has made some awesome models for us and our clients.  She has flexed her design muscles to create everything from planes, to tanks, to ships, to trees!
A small sample of her recent work is shown below!

Aircraft Models

More than 10 new aircraft models have been created. In addition to this, many aircraft have multiple chroma skins. These skins can be developed and applied to any model upon request.

SU-30 model
Rafale with Infinite Chroma
MiG-29 – this model currently comes with 3 different coloured materials, Green (pictured), Blue and White.

Nature Models

To show some diversity with our artists skills, we have a small sample of some tree models below. These models have a much low poly count than standard models we have imported into Infinite Studio in the past, making scenes with forests render at a much higher frame rate.

3 versions of a Manna Gum Tree – each tree comes with multiple LODs with progressively lower poly count as distance from mesh increases.

Sea Models

A large collection of high detail ship models are in progress, with the first completed model shown below! We are very excited to see how the rest of them turn out!

ANZAC Class Frigate – FFH 157 HMAS Perth

Land Models

Several land based vehicles have been modeled. The examples below are defence vehicles, but other civilian platforms are in the works.

Supacat – High Mobility Defence Vehicle
Hawkei – Protected Mobility Vehicle

Future Models

There are so many more models on our radar to include in Infinite Studio, including other non-military vehicles and props. Additionally, upgrading our landscape and scene buildings and textures that come within our StreetMap plugin.

We are excited to see what other models we can integrate soon!