image New Release – Infinite Studio 3.9.1 image New Release – Infinite Studio 3.10.1

New Release – Infinite Studio 3.10.0

What’s New

This release contains a number of new features, improvements and general bug fixes.

  1. Upgraded engine to 4.26

  2. Separated the camera processing passes for computing photons, electrons, & counts

  3. Added support for long range, narrow FOV cloud modelling

  4. Improved LADAR model

  5. New SpecLaserSpotLight (deprecated old SpecLaser)

  6. Added new FITS image writer

  7. External control improvements / updates

Unreal Engine Upgrade

The base engine version was upgraded to 4.26 which brings with it a number of significant engine improvements and bug fixes ().

Major Features

Improved Camera Processing Pipeline

Added optional separable camera processing passes for computing photons, electrons, & counts to allow for improved verification and validation, as well as additional “ground-truth” data for modelling and analysis.

Improved Cloud Modelling

Added support for long range, narrow FOV cloud modelling, improving temporal stability for clouds, especially when viewed from high speed platforms and/or with a narrow field of view.

Improved LADAR Model

Rework of the SPAD LADAR model to simulate laser detection and ranging (LADAR) range-resolved imagery. This model may be used to predict single photon avalanche diode (SPAD) array LADAR performance and evaluate system designs prior to the development and purchase of costly equipment. This model should be considered experimental as further development is continuing on its validation.

New SpecLaserSpotLight

Added a new Spec Laser Spot Light model with a Gaussian irradiance profile.  The old Spec Laser has been deprecated.

New FITS image writer

The new Spec Writer FITS outputs camera imagery to the FITS file format.

External Control Updates

  1. Added new Java API

  2. MATLAB API deprecated (MATLAB examples demonstrate calling Java API directly)

  3. Added new Remote Control API allowing Unreal Engine functions & properties to be called directly

  4. Upgraded protobuf to v3.21.6