image New Release – Infinite Studio 3.10.0

New Release – Infinite Studio 3.10.1

What’s New

This release contains general bug fixes and some improvements to camera visualisation and LADAR detection.

Important Bug Fixes

  • Fixed packaging bug resulting in black materials for thermal modelling landscapes
  • Fixed exporting of MODTRAN atmospheric data to have unique path for all layers
  • Fixed camera look-at tracking being reset to initial state when runtime tracking settings changed
  • Fixed broken TiledMap URL for StreetMap importer

Added camera frustum visualiser to the in-editor viewport

A new viewer allows users to preview the region visible to a Spec Camera. The camera viewing frustum is highlighted, which can be useful to determine visibility of targets before the execution of a simulation. There are optional parameters for setting the distance to which the frustum bounds lines are drawn, and how much the area outside the previewed frustum is shaded.

What’s Next?

Look out for the 3.11 release soon with some great new features and performance improvements.